Meet the Team

Cathy Obersky
Property Manager
Mobile: 0412 962 546
Phone: 4051 3111
Fax: 4051 4111
Gerard Obersky
Mobile: 0408 644 878
Phone: 4051 3111
Fax: 4051 4111
Nickoli Obersky
Property Marketing Specialists
Mobile: 0428 338 828
Phone: 4051 3111
Fax: 4051 4111

About Us

It is our personal goal to go above and beyond to ensure our clients' service expectations are met and exceeded. At One Stop Property we pride ourselves on keeping things uncomplicated, keeping you informed, and simply, caring more. We like to get to know our clients so YOU become an important part of the One Stop Property family.

When you engage an agent and their agency you won't truly know how good or bad they are till they start the process of listing your home. Like every industry there is a vast difference in level of professionalism, commitment and abilities.

We specialize in Real Estate and believe it's so much more than just achieving a sale, but about the experience and how our specialised process works for you.

Excellent results are not just stumbled upon or luck of the draw, it's about working to create the best outcome, but we can ensure you every result is different depending on who you choose as your agent.

The positive attitude and enthusiasm for our daily endeavors is hard not to find infectious, and when coupled with our caring, easy going, professional nature we guarantee everything possible will be done to make your sale of your property the best experience so far.

When you choose us to list your property, you will feel like you selected the right agent who cares more than anyone else, who strives each and every day to meet your every expectation. We set our standards and practices beyond most others in the industry, because that's where we want to be every time as you deserve it and we feel comfortable working at this level.

We judge ourselves not on the number of sales, but the glowing testimonials and positive experiences our clients have had with us, that's what makes us happy and excited to keep this high level of standards.

Our 100% dedication and commitment to a long term career in Real Estate entirely is focused around doing the right thing all the time, having excellent customer service standards, loving what we do and wanting to having raving fans. Every new client we help sell or assist in buying a property is an opportunity to create a long term relationship.

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